What Makes A Bean Bag Chair?

The bean bag chair is far more diverse than some people might expect. This casual seating option comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  For example, most people associate bean bag chairs with the common adult size bean bag, but there are far larger options on the market today. Sofa bed bean bag seats, as well as couch size bean bags, are some of the diverse options that prospective buyers of bean bag chairs have to consider.

Bean bag chairs are also not just for indoor anymore, too. A number of bean bag chairs are made with resilient materials that allow the seat to be taken anywhere outdoors. A number of materials used to create bean bag chairs also help the seat last for years even if kept indoors. Some of these materials include cotton, real leather, synthetic leather, corduroy, and real or faux fur.

The size of a bean bag chair

Once a bean bag chair is filled with bean filling, the dimensions of the chair changes.  Instead of being a flat object, it becomes a three-dimensional object that can sit in whatever place a person desires. For this reason, it is important for prospective buyers of bean bag chairs to know how they plan to situate bean bag chairs on their premises.  To find that out, it is important for buyers of bean bag chairs to learn more about the size of this seating option.

Today, bean bag chairs come in a variety of different sizes. The size of a bean bag chair depends on what it may be used for, such as if the seat will be used for kids or adults.

Some common bean bag chair sizes include:

  • 36 cm wide/14 in wide. These bean bag chairs are small enough to seat smaller children or their toys. Due to their size, they can easily be stored away inside a closet when not in use.
  • 60 cm wide/23 in wide. Another small type of bean bag chair, these comfortable seats are also suited for smaller children like toddlers. They are also big enough to seat small pets like cats. Some people even use these bean bag chairs as footrests.  The bean bag chairs are also easy to store away when not in use.
  • 80 cm wide/32 in wide. These bean bag chairs are medium sized and better suited for children and pets. They are also a good size to keep in smaller housing situations like condos and apartments.
  • 96 cm to 120 cm/38 in to 48 in wide. This size range of bean bag chairs is best for teenagers and adults, as well as larger pets like dogs. The largest measure as wide as 120 cm/48 inches, so they are best suited for prospective buyers of bean bag chairs with enough space in their home, condo, or apartment.

What is inside a bean bag chair?

A bean bag chair is actually filled with more than just beans. The most common filling inside bean bag chairs is polystyrene beans or other types of plastic based beans. In some cases, bean bag chairs hold two or more layers of polystyrene beans inside an inner liner or bag, which helps reinforce the strength of the design elements of the bean bag chair. Some bean bag chairs have a removable inner liner, while most have one or several inner liners that are prefilled and stitched to the outer material. A removable inner liner for a bean bag chair allows people to actually add or take out as much filling as they want.